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A new video tip will be published each month starting on 14 July 2010.

You will also find the links to the regular podcasts – Cafe Mediate which are posted on the fourth Thursday of each month.

links for the past podcasts

Dec 09 Value Based Billing – Tammy Lenski, Amanda Bucklow and Diane Levin
Jan 10 What makes a great mediator?   Amanda Bucklow, Tammy Lenski, Diane Levin and Jeff Thompson
Feb 10 Mediation Training and preparation. Diane Levin, Tammy Lenski, Amanda Bucklow, Jeff Thompson and Victoria Pynchon
Mar 10 Mediator Certification: An idea whose time has come? Part 1 – Tammy Lenski, Diane Levin, Amanda Bucklow, Victoria Pynchon and special guest SusanTerry, conflict resolution professor at Woodbury Institute and Vermont Law School and member of the Association for Conflict Resolution Board of Directors.
Apr 10 Mediator Certification: An idea whose time has come? Part 2 - This episode is facilitated by Amanda Bucklow, who is joined in conversation by Jeff Thompson, Vickie Pynchon, Diane Levin and Tammy Lenski.
May 10 Keeping cool in Chaos: How mediators recover their balance - In this episode facilitated by Diane Levin and joined by Amanda Bucklow and Tammy Lenski, the three discuss the kinds of situation that most challenge their own calm, how they handle them, and what they've learned from such moments.
Jun 10 Dealing with isolation as a solo ADR practitioner - In this episode facilitated by Amanda Bucklow, Jeff Thompson and Tammy Lenski discuss their own experiences with isolation and loss of affiliation in their solo practices, what surprised them, how they dealt with it, and what they learned about themselves in the process.

Fairness in Mediation

In this video Amanda talks about how important it is to pay attention to fairness. This includes transparency about the amount of time each party needs to reach a settlement and the perception of persistence versus pressure.


The President of the CBI gives a keynote speech at the Civil Mediation Council conference held on 10 May 2011.
In this video give gives the background to the current economic climate by way of introduction to why businesses needs mediation to resolve their business disputes.

Mediation is Good for Business

Mediation is good for business. In this video Amanda talks about how mediation can deal with many different issues within a short space of time and keep people focused on the the present and the future.

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