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Public Sector

One might think that private dispue resolution in the public sector is a contradiction. Public sector bodies need to be seen to be transparent in performing their remits and yet it is equally important that public sector bodies get the same opportunities to resolve disputes without the focus on public scrutiny which may prevent the thorough examination of underlying causes. Equally, the need to conserve resources and deal proportionately with all manner of issues makes mediation particularly effective in the public sector. Mediation can achieve creative outcomes which are also consistent with policy, remit and responsibilities to stakeholders.

With the increasing pressure on the pubic sector to deliver more for less, the opportunity to use a confidential process is useful. This does not mean that the outcome of a mediation MUST be kept confidential. The parties can agree a joint statement as part of the settlement. 

The confidential, without prejudice provisions in the mediation process offers those involved an opportunity to learn something which benefits the organisation and the individuals concerned in their wider goals and aspirations.

Amanda has wide experience of public sector disputes involving the Police, Fire and Ambulance services, Hospital Trusts, armed services, universities, schools including special needs education and she has facilitated very large groups in conflit resolution.

She also has extensive experience of working with regulators, including FSA, HSE, CAA, ORR.

In practice

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